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What Are Reno Mattresses?

Reno mattress installation in Richmond, QLD

Reno mattresses, also known as rock mattresses, are a thinner version of the cubic meter Gabion baskets, that lay directly on the ground. They are made of hexagonal, double twisted woven wire mesh and are divided into cells which are filled with natural rock on site to create a flexible, permeable structure. Maccaferri Reno Mattresses are made from one continuous mesh panel, so there are no joints to weaken the structure and can be filled onsite or pre-filled and placed in position. The rock helps to limit movement during high-flow conditions and can handle high water velocities. This preserves the environment and encourages natural vegetation to grow which provides a more visually appealing landscape.

For these reasons, Reno Mattresses are mainly used in weirs, river and creek protection works, channel linings, as well as for erosion control and stabilising embankments and slopes. There are many other advantages to using Gabions and Reno mattresses and they are frequently used in large civil projects as well as in smaller residential ones.

Prospect Contractors only use genuine Maccaferri Reno Mattresses and are trained in accordance with the Maccaferri guidelines for Gabion installation, ensuring the consistent and outstanding quality of the finished product. Contact us to find out if Reno’s are the right solution for your erosion control problem!

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