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Customisable Gabion Walling

Supplied and Installed

by Adelaide's gabion specialists. 

Feature Walling
Noise Walls



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Rockweld gabions are a functional landscape feature; highly durable and visually striking.  They are a great option for domestic locations are they are thinner than traditional gabions and can be customised in shape. 

We source size graded and dense bluestone and sandstone from specialist local quarries. This ensures the longevity and atheistic of our walls.

Rockweld fences are highly secure working as both a noise and collision barrier. As a retaining wall, they allow water to drain through, preventing hydrostatic pressure build up


Interested in getting a Rockweld wall installed? Please call us or visit our office to discuss your ideas.


Our Process:

Quote & Site Visit

Engineering & Council Approval

(If Applicable)


To learn more download our
Rockweld brochure:

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