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How Long Do Gabions Last? - This 44 Year Old Gabion Wall is Still in Excellent Condition!

When installed correctly, Maccaferri Gabion baskets installed by Prospect Contractors can last for over 100 years. We have sourced one great example of a Gabion wall that has been around for 44 years. (Macceferri Case Study 2016)

Coalcliff Gabions 1988
Coalcliff Gabions 2016

This Maccaferri PVC coated Gabion wall, originally built in 1974, is located in Coalcliff along the Illawarra escarpment near the Tasman Sea; a place of steep slopes, erosion & rock fall. These environmental factors cause many dangers and obstacles to the roads, building and urban developments in the area. The 60m long x 6.5m high Gabion wall was built to protect the road and railway from the constantly changing environment and is still doing so 44 years later. An inspection in 2016 has provided positive feedback, due to the wall still being in excellent condition. No visible corrosion had been found and the wire mesh and the PVC coating didn't show signs of any degradation, un-effected by UV or the corrosive nature of the marine environment.

The Gabion wall at Coalcliff, is one of many, demonstrating that Gabions can serve a sustainable long-term solution to environmental disturbances, despite the maximum rain fall in the area and volatile landscape.

Maccaferri Gabions are built in agreement

to rigorous specifications and under government linked certifications, this is unique to Maccaferri installed Australian products. Gabions installed under the correct procedures like this one, can be considered sustainable and long standing, qualities which cannot be transferred to all Gabion installers.

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