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7 Uses For Rockweld Gabions Around Your Home

Rockweld Gabions by Prospect Contractors (logo)

Rockweld Gabions by Prospect Contractors are becoming popular around homes

in the Adelaide suburbs. You may have driven past our rock fences and walls in front of homes on busy roads or come across our bench seating in parks and playgrounds. Our Rockweld is constructed out of welded mesh that can be configured in many shapes and sizes and filled with rock. The rock can be hand-faced or tipped-in, depending on the effect that is wanted.

There are many applications and advantages to using Rockweld Gabions and in this story, we show you seven ways you can utilise Rockweld in your next home improvement project.

  1. Wind Barrier: A Rockweld wall can be used in a garden to protect the vegetation from wind and sun.

  2. Privacy Screen: Rockweld can be installed in areas that require screening from passers-by in a front garden or to create a secluded, sheltered area in a back garden.

  3. Sound Proofing Outside: Rockweld fences are being installed in front gardens to reduce noise from passing traffic. They also provide privacy and security as well as being very strong and durable. In the unfortunate event of a vehicle crashing into the fence, the rock wall will stay intact and standing. They also have the added benefit of being fire proof (unlike brush fencing) and are an undesirable surface for tagging!

  4. Sound Dampening Inside: Rockweld can also be used as a cladding on an interior or exterior wall. It can help absorb noise in a room that doesn’t have great acoustics, such as in restaurants and office spaces. Rockweld cladding also provides insulation and maintains the internal temperature.

  5. Retaining & Erosion Control: Rockweld can be used in areas that need retaining in your garden. They are a slim line alternative to traditional wire Gabion baskets, creating a more architectural look to modern homes. Rockweld retaining walls can be stepped, curved or straight and are generally used for more aesthetic purposes in areas that don’t require as much stabilisation. They are not recommended in areas that have water flow.

  6. Outdoor Seating: Rockweld can also be used in outdoor bench seating and retaining wall seats. They can be designed to suit a specific area, for example to fit a corner and can be straight or curved. The seating added to the top of the baskets, can be made out of timber slabs or slats, concrete or recycled wood plastic composite.

  7. Pool Fencing: Another interesting use for Rockweld is around a swimming pool. They look great as a backdrop and feature wall adjacent to a swimming pool, or as pillars with glass fence panels in between.

Contact us for more information and a free, no obligation quote. Or check out Rockweld Website Gallery for more ideas.

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