Mawson Green Wetlands


Gabions for Wetland Construction

Gabions are an ideal solution for constructed wetlands and retention basins, providing an environmentally friendly way of controlling erosion and are often used in stormwater channels, drainage and collection. The Maccaferri PoliMac® coated wire mesh baskets used are strong, durable and permeable. The spaces between the rocks quickly become filled with silt which encourages vegetation growth and also provides protective habitats for small aquatic creatures to live and lay their eggs etc. Unlike concrete, Gabions and Reno Mattresses will not leach harmful chemicals into the water and will have a longer life span in the aquatic environment as they are specially designed to prevent corrosion.
Constructed wetlands using Gabion baskets can also provide improved landscape amenity and temporary storage of treated water for reuse schemes. Wetlands are generally designed for water quality control as they remove contaminants from urban runoff that would be potentially harmful to the new water ecosystem.
Prospect Contractors have successfully constructed wetlands, holding ponds and weirs using Gabions and Reno Mattresses in many locations around South Australia. 
Andrews Farm Wetlands


Location: Andrews Farm,

South Australia


Prospect Contractors installed Gabion and Renos at the 4ha wetland, which is designed to capture stormwater from Andrews Farm, Smithfield and Craigmore. The new larger wetlands allows the site to capture, cleanse and store up to 400 mega-litres of stormwater per year, which is equal to the amount needed to fill 200 Olympic size swimming pools!


Beyond Project Weirs


Location: Pt Elliot,
South Australia

Prospect Contractors constructed holding ponds to collect, treat and store storm water, prior to it entering the Southern Ocean. It involved the restoration and earth works on a severely eroded drainage creek line and saline affected floodplain.


Curtis Stebonheath Wetlands


Location: Munno Para,

South Australia


Prospect Contractors installed 1500m3 of Gabions to the new wetlands at Munno Para. The wetlands will provide a vital storage and treatment point for 300 mega litres of stormwater, as well as provide a picturesque and functional open space for the local community.


Munno Para Wetlands


Location: Munno Para,

South Australia


The Munno Para Wetlands were built to take water run off from the new subdivision in the area, which is to be used to green local parks and wetlands. Prospect Contractors installed 1400 cubes of Gabions to stabilise the edge of the wetlands.


Pipers Crest Retention Pond


Location: Strathalbyn,

South Australia


Prospect Contractors installed a water retention pond as part of the landscaped reserve at the new land development at Strathalbyn.


Aspire Retention Basin


Location: Evanston South,

South Australia


A new housing development at Evanston South required Gabions along a large creek and around a culvert. Prospect Contractors also installed 150m3 of Gabions around a new kidney shaped retention basin designed to catch water from the creek.

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