The Importance of Having a New Fence When Selling Your Property

Preparing your property for sale is very similar to preparing for a job interview. You’re about to be appraised by strangers, which means you only have one chance at making the best possible first impression. Not to mention that your future financial status is dependent on the outcome.

That's where making simple upgrades can bring a host of advantages. Adding a new fence when selling your property is one beneficial feature. If you are looking for a new modern fence that is unique, with the added benefit of sound reducing, consider Rockweld Gabions. A Rockweld fence will improve your property in several ways:

It's the finishing touch:

While it may not be top of your list, a good garden and fence is actually a major consideration that many homebuyers may bear in mind subconsciously. A weather-beaten, faded or damaged fence can set the wrong tone, but a new fence, such as a Rockweld fence, helps showcase your garden and your property's surrounds in the best possible light. It will demonstrate that your property has secure perimeters, which is important for homeowners with children and pets.

Curb appeal:

When it comes to real estate, first impressions last. A home buyer wants to aspire to live in a home that is welcoming and secure, but it must also be able to demonstrate this curb appeal to the street. After all, a good fence signals quality to passers-by, in turn raising interest in your property and even potentially boosting its value.

Offer privacy and protection:

Homebuyers aren't just looking to feel safe and secure in their property, they also want to know they have some privacy from the next-door neighbours. A Rockweld fence can provide this, as well as offer noise reduction from passing traffic, which is a huge benefit to homes listed on busy streets! Homebuyers are even ready to pay more for a house that’s well fenced since it provides them with the luxury of privacy when relaxing in the garden.

Make it easy for your buyers:

Moving home is stressful enough, which is why many home buyers opt for houses that require very little work doing. Having simple elements in place such as secure and private surrounds will mean less time spent having to remedy them once they've moved in. If your prospective buyer isn't sure, a well-maintained garden and fence could seal the deal.

With the right fencing in place, you can showcase your property in the best light as the aspirational, secure and welcoming haven it is. Contact Prospect Contractors, for more information on Rockweld fencing, or for a free, no obligation quote.

This article was written in conjunction with removalist Hire A Mover.

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