Introducing PoliMac® - The Most Durable Gabion Wire Coating!

Prospect Contractors now install Gabions with the new PoliMac® coating. Maccaferri has developed PoliMac®; a new polymer coating for hexagonal double twist steel wire mesh products. It has been developed to:

  • Meet environmental project requirements

  • Achieve the technical performance demands of hydraulic, geotechnical, erosion control and environmental protection projects

  • Maximise longevity and structural efficiency through increased abrasion and chemical resistance

The new PoliMac® coating is an inert polymeric compound which exhibits high abrasion resistance. It is capable of withstanding the most severe application conditions including highly aggressive mechanical and chemical impact, long-term ultraviolet radiation and low temperature effects.

The polymer recipe is exclusive to Maccaferri and has been selected for use within the construction, mining and environmental industries.

More Resistant • Longer Life • Environmentally Friendly

So for quality Gabion installation, that will stand the test of time, contact Prospect Contractors for a free, no obligation quote!

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