What Are Gabions & How Do They Work?

Rockweld & Wire Gabions by Prospect Contractors

Traditionally, Gabions are rocks in hexagonal wire baskets that are linked with double twisted wire mesh. The word Gabion comes from the Italian word gabbione meaning "big cage". The most common use of gabions used in civil engineering was originally patented by Gaetano Maccaferri in the late 19th century and even today, Prospect Contractors use the Maccaferri wire baskets for most soil erosion problems.

Wire Gabions

The double twisted wire mesh of the Maccaferri baskets ensure that they will not unravel in the event of one or more of the wires breaking. The PVC coated Galfan wire offers up to three times more protection against corrosion than zinc coated wire and can have a lifespan lasting up to 100 years. Laced together, Gabion baskets form a strong, flexible and monolithic structure. They are also permeable, eliminating any water pressure building up behind the wall and being flexible, they accommodate any ground movement.

Gabions also diffuse, absorb and reduce noise, with the sound unable to pass under or through the one-meter thickness of the filled wire baskets. Sandbags are also often incorporated into the wire Gabions, increasing the sound absorption.

Rockweld Gabions

Rockweld, our own welded mesh Gabions are becoming a popular choice for architectural applications as they create a slimmer profile and are used in areas such as fencing, feature walls, cladding and smaller retaining walls, that don’t require as much stabilisation.

Rockweld is constructed out of rigid, galvanised steel mesh panels, which are laced together and stabilised with posts into the ground and are filled with rock, stone or pebbles. The strength and durability of the welded steel combined with the rock fill, creates a strong, hard-wearing, secure, sound reducing and even fire proof product.

The rock we use in both types of Gabions must be the right size as well as be dense, hard, durable and resistant to elements such as air and water. At Prospect Contractors, we generally use sandstone or bluestone.

Whichever type of Gabions you prefer, they both offer a strong and durable solution to many landscaping problems. For more information and ideas, read more on our other Blog posts or contact Prospect Contractors for a free, no obligation quote

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