Did You Know Gabions Can Offer Protection?

Rockweld Gabions Noise Wall

Derived from the Italian word ‘Gabbione’, meaning ‘big cage’, Gabions have been used a number of ways throughout history.

Traditionally, Gabions were constructed as military fortifications used as protection against enemy fire. The Gabions were portable and were made and deployed quickly wherever needed. They are still used today in military bases, protecting soldiers in mess halls and sleeping quarters.

Today, Gabions can be individually designed and installed to offer protection against noise, traffic and even fire! The main reason for this is that Gabions that are made of double twisted, galvanised wire or galvanised steel (and are filled with a high density rock) combine together to make a strong, durable and solid structure! Gabions also have the added benefits of providing privacy and screening against the wind. Applications include noise walls, road barriers, bollards, columns or pillars, of various shapes and sizes.

Areas that will benefit the use of Gabions are private homes, schools and public spaces like entertainment venues, playgrounds, shopping centres and car parks. The use of natural rock blends with the environment, providing a softer, more natural division between spaces. This makes Gabions a popular choice amongst landscape designers and home owners.

There are many ways to incorporate Gabions that can offer style and protection, in this post we have gathered some ideas for inspiration. Contact Prospect Contractors to discuss ideas and the cost of design and installation - it may be cheaper than you think, and we offer free, no obligation quotes!

Gabion Car Parking Bollard Ideas:

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