What is a Terramesh Gabion Wall?

Prospect Contractors have installed a number of Terramesh walls around Australia, the most recent being in Lower Molonglo Dam, in the ACT. So what exactly is a Terramesh wall and what are the advantages over other retaining structures?

Lower Molonglo Dam Terramesh Gabions

"Maccaferri Terramesh is a versatile, modular system for reinforced slope systems and mechanically stabilised earth walls that can be a more cost effective solution than the mass gravity Gabion wall because of the speed of installation and reduced rock fill requirements."

The Terramesh system comprises of Maccaferri Gabion baskets with woven mesh soil reinforcement panels, intergrated between each layer of the baskets. They can be used to build structures with either a stepped front face or a vertical facing.

Maccaferri Terramesh are pre-assembled units of double twisted wire mesh. The facing section of the unit is formed by connecting a back panel and diaphragms to the main fascia unit. They can be used individually or combined with Geogrid or Tensar Grid for reinforcement and soil stabilisation. They are used in a wide range of applications including slip repair work and steep slope construction in both residential and road infrastructure projects.

Watch our video showing a typical Terramesh construction >

Maccaferri Terramesh Advantages:

  • Maccaferri Terramesh features a Galmac coated wire mesh, protected by a polymeric barrier made of PVC. This improves corrosion resistance and enhances the system’s durability.

  • Maccaferri Terramesh has a permeable front face to allow drainage of the backfill.

  • It is structurally safe in the face of fire and reduces environmental impacts by incorporating vegetation on the front face.

  • Maccaferri Terramesh is quick to install and tests have proven its durability and strong performance in coastal applications.

  • When combined with Geogrid the Terramesh structures can exceed 50m in height.

(Excerpts taken from the Maccaferri Terramesh Case Study by Geofabrics)

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