Need a Retaining Wall But Have Limited Access? Consider Prefilled Gabions!

Prefilled Gabions

At times, due to difficulty in gaining access to certain project locations or limited space on site, prefilled Gabions are the perfect solution. Gabions are assembled and filled with rock, safely away from the potentially difficult or unsafe location and are then craned into position. After the prefilled Gabions are placed in positon, the baskets are laced together using high tensile strength C-rings to build a monolithic structure.

Traditional wire Gabions are an ideal solution for soil erosion problems and are perfect for retaining purposes. Gabions are strong, yet flexible and permeable. Prospect Contractors only install Quality assured Maccaferri baskets. They are extremely durable and have a life span of over 100 years in a dry environment.

There are many benefits to using pre-filled Gabions. Along with the same advantages as our Gabions constructed on site (such as durability, permeability and flexibility) the main benefits to using the prefilled baskets is that construction time on site is significantly reduced. This is a big advantage when access is limited due to traffic along railways and roads. There is also the reduced risk to workers on locations such as on un-stabilised excavation pits. Additionally, due to safety procedures, we’re reducing the risk of interfacing with heavy plant and equipment.

Gabions can also be lowered into place into rivers and creeks, where the water levels are too deep, or access is difficult for manual installation. Due to their permeability and durability, Gabions provide immediate protection against bank erosion.

Prospect Contractors have been installing Gabions for over 20 years. We have the equipment and the especially trained and experienced installers to undertake work in any challenging location. Contact Prospect Contractors if you have any queries and for a free, no obligation quote.

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