The Benefits to Choosing Experienced Gabion Installers for your Gabion Project

Although on the surface it may appear that the Gabion installation process is simple, it is actually quite a technically engineered process, where specific criteria must be met during the design phase. This will guarantee the best possible finish, aesthetically and structurally.

There are several important factors to consider when thinking about taking on a Gabion project for yourself. The quality of the Gabion baskets and the rock used for filling are just two very important things to mindful of before you even begin.

One of the biggest problems with using inferior products is they can sag and bulge which not only look unsightly but in time, may actually collapse! Gabions installed by Prospect Contractors will stand firm and straight and remain that way. This is because of three main factors:

1. We only use quality assured wire baskets from Geofabrics that provide strength, flexibility and durability. The strength of these traditional wire baskets come from a double twisted hexagonal mesh of steel wire. In the event of accidental breakage of one or more wires, the double twisted wire configuration ensures that minimal strength reduction occurs. In our Rockweld product we only use quality Australian steel weld mesh that is laced together with stainless steel C Rings.

Unfortunately, there are cheaper and poorer quality Gabion products available. Many times, where Gabions are supposedly installed to the specified requirements, they do not comply with relevant national and international standards with respect to quality, performance, and methods of manufacture.

2. At Prospect Contractors we only use suitable rock that must be dense, hard, durable and resistant to elements such as air and water. We generally use sandstone or bluestone in our walls. Rock size must be a minimum of 100mm and a maximum of 200mm.

Rock can be utilised from your own property but may not be the right size or be as durable as the rock we source from local quarries.

3. Our qualified installers hand place the flat face of each rock against the sides of the baskets, minimising gaps and creating a flat, uniform finish which also reduces pressure on the walls of the baskets. It may be tempting to tip the rock in but this will cause traditional wire baskets and inferior welded mesh baskets to buckle and bulge.

Example of sagging Gabions (left) and a new replacement Gabion wall installed by Prospect Contractors (right).

Replacement Gabion wall installed by Prospect Contractors (left) and original Gabions before replacement (right).

“When gabions supplied by others do not perform as intended (and we unfortunately have many examples of this in Australia), it is Gabions perse that get a bad name, not a specific suppliers unit” states Dale Chaychuck from Geofabrics Australia. “When a supplier offers a cheaper sub-standard product, and merely states (without documented evidence) that it is equivalent to Maccaferri, then we recommend that the relevant documentation and test data be requested so that an informed comparison can be made.”

Our superior workmanship has made Prospect Contractors the preferred installers of Maccaferri and Geofabric products on commercial, civil and residential Gabion projects throughout Australia. We are proud to have earned several awards such as Master Builder of the Year in 2011, MLSA Awards of Excellence in 2015 and 2017; and multiple commendations from the Civil Construction Federation.

For Gabions installed the right way, the first time, contact Prospect Contractors for a free, no obligation quote.

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