11 Versatile Gabion Ideas - Combining the Natural Beauty of Stone With Other Materials

Triangular Gabion Pillars and Glass Pool Fence

Rock filled Gabions compliment many styles of homes, from country and classic through to contemporary and modern. Gabions have become a popular choice for many residential and commercial projects and the natural beauty of stone harmonises well with other materials, while adding interest and texture.

Traditional Wire Gabions and Rockweld Gabions, both by Prospect Contractors can be incorporated in feature walls, privacy screens and fencing or as a backdrop to a pool, water feature or ornamental plants. They work well alongside; timber, steel, glass, metal or corrugated iron and they can be a cost effective, unique addition to any landscape design. Prospect Contractors now also offer installation of Limestone Blocks and combine beautifully with our Gabions

We have collated a few ideas from our own portfolio as well as inspiration from other companies to inspire your next renovation or landscaping project. Contact Prospect Contractors in Adelaide, for a free no obligation quote.

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