4 Slope Stabilisation Solutions

As predominately specialist Gabion installers, Prospect Contractors can also provide alternative methods of slope and soil stabilisation. Traditionally we have always used Reno Mattresses and Riprap for erosion control and we can also provide installation of Geoweb and Elcorock. We explain here the difference between the four main erosion control products and services we provide.

Reno Mattresses

Prospect Contractors use Maccaferri Reno Mattresses, which are thin, flexible rectangular mesh cages made from double twisted woven wire mesh. Natural rock is used to fill the cages on site creating a flexible, permeable and monolithic structure to provide erosion control and scour protection of slopes. They are also highly permeable which makes them suitable for promoting the regeneration of plants along river, creeks and streams. This makes them ideal for environmentally sensitive areas and allows them to blend into the environment. Hydraulic testing of Reno Mattresses has shown that by containing rock within the cells of the mattresses considerably reduces rock movement under high water flow. As a result, smaller and less rock is required for channel lining works.

Reno Gabion mattresses being installed by Prospect Contractors


Riprap, also known as rock armor, is a layer of loose rock used mainly to protect shorelines, streambeds, bridge abutments and pilings against scour and erosion. A variety of different rocks are used including granite and occasionally concrete, which need to be angular to help the rocks to ‘lock’ together. A geotextile membrane is always laid first to prevent the soil from slipping through the rocks.

Riprap by Prospect Contractors


The Geoweb system consists of a robust three-dimensional structure housing a network of interconnected cells that confine and compact soil. The confinement action prevents erosion and improves the structural performance of the soil or aggregate infill, providing an alternative to reinforced concrete or armour. Geoweb comes in collapsed, lightweight panels, which can be handled easily, and safely onsite. This system can also promote vegetation growth when filled with soil. Geoweb is usually used for slope and embankment stability and channel lining. It is often used in road and rail foundations and for temporary access roads as it increases load capacity in heavy traffic areas.

Geoweb being installed by Prospect Contractors


Elcorocks are sand-filled geotextile containers built to form a strong yet flexible defensive barrier against erosion. Because of this they are widely used in the construction of sea walls, groynes and riverbank protection. Elcorock can be filled with sand and other easily sourced materials, which improves the general amenity of the area. They are fast and economical to install which also makes them ideal for temporary or emergency works. They are also quick and easy to remove if no longer needed.

Elcorock by Geofabrics

(Photo courtesy of Geofabrics)

Prospect Contractors use Quality Assured Maccaferri and Geofabric products that provide strength, flexibility and durability. We have the very best company owned and operated equipment and we take care to ensure the products are installed correctly and efficiently to optimise their effectiveness, visual impact and lifespan. Our multi-disciplined management team efficiently controls all aspects of the business including project management, administration, quality management system, safety & environment and 3D Design. The team’s combined knowledge and experience guarantees exceptional outcomes for our clients.

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