12 Interior Gabion Ideas – Noise Dampening and Great Insulators!

You normally see Gabions in the great outdoors but they can also be utilised in the interior of your home or business. Apart from creating a unique, modern and natural feel to a room, there are two great advantages to using Gabions inside a building:

Noise Reduction

As well as cladding the exterior of a building, Gabions can be installed inside a room such as an office space or restaurant, which can help absorb noise. Gabions can be fixed to existing walls or installed as freestanding room dividers. They can be used in reception desks, island benches and bars. They also look great in outdoor rooms ‘bringing the outside in’ while at the same time minimising noise.

Thermal Mass

Thermal mass is the ability of a material to absorb and store heat energy and can help maintain comfortable temperatures inside your home year round. Thermal mass will also assist the ventilation system in providing cool air during the summer months and warm air during the winter months. A building with a Gabion wall not only provide protection from the sun outside, but also allows the wall to ‘breathe’ as the space between the rocks allow the air to flow through and cool the inside.

Woven mesh Gabions are also an ideal method of creating thermal mass under the floor, due to their strength and long-term durability. They can trap and hold cold air, which can then be used as a passive air-conditioning system during summer.

We have collated here some great examples from a search of Gabions used in interior architecture. For a free, no obligation quote on any Gabion ideas contact Prospect Contractors.

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