8 Frequently Asked Questions About Gabions

Gabions are generating quite a lot of interest lately and we have people call and drop into our office regularly just to find out information about them. In this blog we have answered some of the questions most frequently asked. Please give us a call if there is anything else you would like to know!

1. What are Gabions? Gabions are wire or weld mesh baskets, filled with rocks or pebbles and then laced together to create a strong, uniform structure. Even though they have been around for thousands of years, they have become a popular trend in recent times because of their many advantages, as well as looking great!

2. What sizes are the baskets? Our wire baskets are 1m cubes but can also be cut into half size baskets.

Our Rockweld weld mesh comes in sheets so it can be cut to the size required.

3. Do you sell the Gabion baskets? Prospect Contractors install Maccaferri Gabion wire baskets only and we do not supply the baskets on their own. Prospect Contractors are the only company in South Australia that is accredited by Geofabrics for the installation of Gabions. Our installers are all trained in accordance with the Maccaferri guidelines for Gabion installation, insuring consistent outstanding quality of the finished product. As we 'hand face' our Gabions, they are renowned for their clean, straight lines!

4. Is council approval needed? It depends on your local council but generally, any wall higher than 1 meter does require council approval, which we can organise for you.

5. What rock do you fill the baskets with? AS2758.4-2000 is recommended and the rock size must be a minimum of 100mm and a maximum of 250mm. The rock used must be dense, hard, durable and resistant to elements such as air and water. We generally use sandstone, river pebble or bluestone from local quarries in our Gabion walls.

6. How long will Gabions last? When PVC coated Galfan wire Gabions are used and the baskets are installed by experienced contractors, Gabions can last for over 100 years. Prospect Contractors’ installers are trained in accordance with the Maccaferri guidelines for Gabion installation and our quality installation work will help insure the Gabions are around for a lifetime!

7. How much do the walls cost? Cost will depend on the size and location of the wall, so send us your plans or give us a call for more information.

8. Do you offer free quotes? Yes we do. Either send us your plans or we can come to you if you are in South Australia for a free, no obligation quote.

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