12 Rockin' Gabion Outdoor Seat Ideas!

Rockweld Gabion Seat

Now that the weather is finally warming up, we look forward to spending more time outside in our gardens and parks. Creating an area to sit and enjoy the sunshine (or the shade) is always a great idea when designing the landscape of your garden. Whether it’s a place for quiet contemplation or for more social gatherings, Gabion Bench Seats are a unique way of adding a seating area to your garden. We have selected 12 Gabion seating ideas from our own portfolio as well as ideas we’ve discovered on the Internet. All ideas can be adapted to suit your own project.

The usual choices for Gabion fill are rocks or pebbles, which can enhance and blend with the natural environment. At Prospect Contractors we generally use sandstone, bluestone and river pebble. The bench seats can be designed to fit any area and can be straight or curved with a choice of materials for the top of the seating. Prospect Contractors have built seats with timber slats and Red Gum slabs, as well as with composite recycled wood plastic tops.

Gabions have also been installed as retaining walls with a top added so that the seats are functional as well as practical. Whatever you choose, contact Prospect Contractors for a free, no obligation quote.

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