12 Gabion Landscaping Ideas for Spring

Gabion Retaining Wall Seat-by Prospect Contractors

Now that Spring is finally here and we all look forward to more time spent in the garden, we wanted to share how Gabions can quickly and cheaply transform your own back or front yard!

Gabion comes from the Italian word “gabbione” which means big cage. They are wire or welded mesh cages that are filled with rock or pebbles. Traditionally they are used in large civil and infrastructure type projects such as large weirs, dams and bridges, however they are also becoming a popular choice in landscaping in the home. They have evolved from just being practical into decorative and unique (as well as serviceable!).

Along with being a popular choice for retaining walls and fencing they are being used in garden accessories such as seating, planters and water features. Glass rocks have been used as an interesting addition and Prospect Contractors can supply glass rocks in various colours.

Gabions compliment many styles of homes from country and classic through to contemporary and modern. Whether you are looking at using Gabions for practical reasons or purely for their looks, their beauty will last a lifetime.

We have collated a few ideas from our own portfolio as well as inspiration from other Gabion and landscaping companies to inspire your Spring project.

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