7 Stunning Examples of Gabion Cladding


Gabion cladding has been used in many European countries for a number of years and is now becoming a popular design feature with architects and designers in Australia.

This unique architectural feature allows thin profile Gabions to be mounted directly onto concrete walls or steel posts. The finished look is striking and modern, at the same time blending the exterior with the natural environment. The Gabions will provide a striking contrast to rendered walls and other building materials and can even be used as a backdrop for climbing plants, creating a living wall.

Not only do Gabions look great but Gabion facades also offer thermal protection, providing insulation from the heat and cold. They also have the added benefit of reducing noise from outside and become an effective sound proofing solution.

Gabions can also be utilised in interior walls also providing sound insulation and enhancing the acoustics. This application works well in restaurants and cafes that require a method of reducing noise from diners and waiting staff. Hard reflective surfaces will bounce most noise back into the room, whereas Gabions applied as cladding will absorb, diffuse and reduce the noise considerably.

We have collected some impressive examples from projects around the world to illustrate the beauty of Gabion cladding! Click on the photos for more information on each project.

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