Blue Tongue Creek Gabions - Case Study

In 2010 Prospect Contractors were sub-contracted by Catcon to install Reno Mattresses and several Gabion weirs to the man-made creek bed at a new subdivision at Blakes Crossing, North of Adelaide. The creek takes road and domestic water runoff from the new housing development to nearby wetlands. Prospect Contractors installed 1600m2 of Reno mattresses in under 2 weeks in the first stage and another 8000m2 of mattresses in the second stage.

Earlier this year, Prospect Contractors commenced additional Gabion and Reno work at Blue Tongue Creek, Blakes Crossing. Sub-contracted by BMD our scope of work was to construct several Gabion drop structures and headwalls, lay jute matting and install Reno mattresses to the creek. Prospect Contractors also recently constructed a bluestone dry stack wall around a culvert in one area of the creek. A total of 3900m2 of mattresses, 252m3 of Gabions and 9000m2 of Jute matting was installed in just 26 days.

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