Gabion Retaining Walls - An Ideal Solution For Riverbank & Creek Flood Protection!

An important factor in protecting your property by the river or creek is to maintain, stabilise, and repair your river or stream bank. The riverbank supports and holds in the soil and prevents your land from washing away. If your riverbank has been eroded by floods and debris, the continuing scouring causes problems not only to your land but also to the whole ecosystem.

Gabions and Reno Mattresses are the ideal solution, especially for heavily eroded river and stream banks. Gabions are wire mesh baskets and are commonly filled with sandstone, bluestone or river pebbles. Gabion baskets were first industrially produced in the 1880’s, when the double twisted wire mesh was first introduced. This particular double twisted woven netting ensures that in the event of a wire being cut, the double twist prevents the unraveling of the mesh. A stiffer and even stronger wire reinforces all the edges of the Gabion baskets.

Unlike concrete, Gabions and Renos will not leach harmful chemicals into the water and will have a longer life span in the aquatic environment as they are PVC coated to prevent corrosion. Gabions are also naturally flexible, as they accommodate significant differential settlement and are permeable in their structure. As river sediments become trapped in the spaces between the rocks, vegetation growth is encouraged. The spaces also provide protective habitats for small aquatic creatures to live and lay their eggs.

Prospect Contractors have installed Gabions to a number of properties along the Murray River that also have numerous passing speedboats. The Gabions have the added advantage in that they act as a shock absorber, dissipating the wake back out to the river. We have also installed Gabions at farmer’s property in Wellington at Lake Alexandrina, who needed a barrier to stop debris from fallen branches and silt accumulating around the pump inlets that bring water to the livestock on his farm.

Prospect Contractors have also installed Gabions and Renos into many creeks, from smaller domestic projects through to large civil projects, locally and interstate. Visit our website for more project examples and information on Creek Restoration or Gabions in Wetlands. Or contact Prospect Contractors for a free, no obligation quote.

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