Why you won't see our Gabions sagging!

Hand faced Gabion wall

Prospect Contractors are committed to providing quality Gabion products and outstanding service. All our installers are trained in accordance with Maccaferri guidelines for Gabion installation and we are recommended as preferred installers by Maccaferri and Geofabrics.

You will sometimes see Gabions that sag and bulge and looks less than appealing! Our Gabions will stand firm and straight and remain that way. This is because of several factors:

1. We only use quality assured Maccaferri and Geofabric baskets that provide strength, flexibility and durability. Their strength comes from a double twisted hexagonal mesh of steel wire. In the event of accidental breakage of one or more wires, the double twisted wire configuration ensures that minimal strength reduction occurs.

2. We only use suitable rock that must be dense, hard, durable and resistant to elements such as air and water. We generally use sandstone or bluestone in our walls. Rock size must be a minimum of 100mm and a maximum of 250mm.

3. We hand place the flat face of each rock against the sides of the baskets, minimizing gaps and creating a flat, uniform finish which also reduces pressure on the walls of the baskets.

The Gabion baskets we use are made from zinc galvanised woven wire mesh with a PVC coating for extra durability and our Gabions will generally last up to 100 years in a normal everyday dry environment, or 70 years fully submerged in water!

For Gabions installed the right way, the first time, call Prospect Contractors!

Example of sagging Gabions (photo on left) and a new replacement Gabion wall installed by Prospect Contractors (photo on right).

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