More about our Gabions!

At Prospect Contractors we custom install traditional wire Gabions and weld mesh (Rockweld) Gabions, anywhere in Australia. The difference between these are outlined below.

Traditional Wire Gabions installed by Prospect Contractors are quality assured Maccaferri Gabion, double twisted wire baskets. Our Gabions are installed by our fully trained staff in accordance with Maccaferri guidelines, insuring consistant outstanding quality of the finished product. As we 'hand face' our Gabions, they are renowned for their clean straight lines. We do not supply the baskets on their own.

The wire Gabion baskets are one meter cubes (that can be halved in height) and are ideally suited to retaining walls and noise walls. They are also best suited to any aquatic environment as they are very strong and flexible, conforming to any movement as well as being environmentally friendly.

Rockweld is a welded mesh Gabion product by Prospect Contractors. Rockweld is made from rigid, lightweight, galvanised steel mesh and the rock can be 'tipped-in' or 'hand faced' creating a more uniform flat face.

Rockweld is an ideal alternative to traditional types of fencing such as brush fencing, as they are fire proof and graffiti resistant. The look is natural as well as modern and the fences look great from both sides of the fence! Seating and low retaining walls also look great as well as being functional.

For more project photos see our Portfolio Page.

Hand faced sandstone in traditional wire Gabions

Traditional Wire Gabions

Hand faced sandstone in Rockweld

Hand faced Sandstone Rockweld

Rockweld - 'tipped in' bluestone

Tipped-in Blustone Rockweld

Hand-faced Bluestone Rockweld

Hand faced Bluestone Rockweld

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