Gabion retaining wall


What are Gabions?

Gabions are essentially rocks in baskets. A four thousand-year-old idea utilised in Rome has now been re-engineered into an effective erosion solution.
Our baskets are made with coated wire or welded mesh & are commonly filled with sandstone, blue stone or river pebbles. These materials are long lasting, environmentally friendly and blend well into the natural landscape.  
The double twisted wire mesh ensures that in the event of a wire being cut, the double twist prevents the unraveling of the mesh, along with the baskets reinforced wire edges.
Gabions are used widely for water management and are ideal for rivers and seawalls. They are also great at absorbing noise and are commonly used as noise walls on busy roads.
We have extensive knowledge and experience in all kinds of Gabion projects. Please contact us for a competitive quote and a professional installation delivered on time.
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