Gabions of today have many advantages and are used in many applications and locations. Quality Maccaferri Gabion baskets used by Prospect Contractors can last for over 100 years when installed correctly. Listed below are 10 reasons why Gabions might be the ideal solution for your situation.


What are the advantages to using Gabions?


  1. Cost Effective Gabion installation often requires minimal labour and plant, depending on location and accessibility. Gabion structures can therefore be built virtually anywhere at a competitive cost.

  2. Environmentally Friendly Gabions have much less impact on the environment than other construction materials such as concrete. They have even improved environmental quality at a number of locations.

  3. Aesthetically Pleasing Gabions have a natural appearance which is enhanced when vegetation growth is encouraged.

  4. Durable The PoliMac® coated, double twisted wire mesh of the Maccaferri Gabion baskets we use, ensure that they will not unravel in the event of one or more of the wires breaking. The PoliMac coated steel wire offers up to ten times more protection than the original Gabions. Maccaferri Gabion baskets can have a lifespan lasting 100+ years.

  5. Adaptable Gabions can be used in environmentally sensitive locations, including marine environments

  6. Strong The fastening procedure ensures that the units act as one extremely strong monolithic structure.

  7. Flexible Gabions are able to accommodate significant differential settlement.

  8. Low Maintenance Usually, minimal maintenance is required as Gabions are extremely durable and long lasting.

  9. Permeable This stops hydrostatic pressure being built up behind retaining structures and makes Gabions an ideal solution in marine and freshwater environments.

  10. Rapid Installation Gabions can be installed at a much quicker rate than concrete, as no footing or curing is required.

900m long Gabion wall at the Anglo Coal Mine Site




- Marine


- Coastal protection


- Wetlands


- Weirs


- Creek rehabilitation


- Drainage


- Bio filters


- Erosion control


- Soil stabilisation


- Roads/railways


- Bridge abutments


- Sloping blocks


- Mining dump walls


- Retaining walls


- Noise walls


- Decorative facades


- Architecture & landscaping


- Thermal maze