Hand faced Gabion wall by Prospect Contractors


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Gabions


What are Gabion baskets made of?


Maccaferri Gabion baskets are made from zinc galvanised, double twisted, woven wire mesh with a 0.50 (min) Grey PVC coating for extra durability.


Click the link to view the maccaferri specifications: Maccaferri Gabions and Reno Mattresses Product Brochure


What is the lifespan of a Gabion wall?


Maccaferri Gabions will generally last up to 100 years in a normal everyday dry environment, or 70 years fully submerged in water.


Do you supply the Gabion baskets only?


Prospect Contractors install Maccaferri Gabion wire baskets only and we do not supply the baskets on their own. Our Gabions are installed by our fully trained staff in accordance with Maccaferri guidelines, ensuring consistent outstanding quality of the finished product. As we 'hand face' our Gabions, they are renowned for their clean, straight lines. 


What sort of rock do you use?


AS2758.4-2000 recommendation, rock size must be a minimum of 80mm and a maximum of 200mm. The rock used must be dense, hard, durable and resistant to elements such as air and water. We generally use Sandstone or Bluestone in our walls. Examples of these can be found in our Gallery page.


What are Rockweld walls?


Welded Mesh Gabions (our product equivalent is called Rockweld) are made from rigid lightweight galvanised steel mesh, which can be filled with rock as an alternative to more traditional types of fencing. Applications include fencing, seating and feature walls and can be adapted to different shapes and sizes. 


More info on Rockweld Walls >>


How long do Gabions take to install?


Gabions can be installed at a much quicker rate than concrete as no footing or curing is required.