Prospect Contractors built Gabion walls along the riverbank, protecting against future erosion while also providing a stronger foundation for the new boat ramp.


Gabions - Ideal for Creek Erosion Control

Gabions are commonly being used along creeks, river beds and channel linings as a flood protection method. Gabion retaining walls installed along the bank will stabilise the creek walls, slow the flow of water and protect against further erosion. Reno mattresses will also provide erosion protection along the creek or river bed. The advantages of using Gabions is that they immediately protect and stabilise the bank as well as allow establishment of limited vegetation. They are a permeable, eco friendly solution to flood control and can be installed relatively quickly and cost effectively.  
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Desalination Plant


Location: Lonsdale, 

South Australia


Prospect Contractors installed a series of stepped weirs, using Gabions and Reno Mattresses, to rehabilitate a severely eroded creek system at the Desalination Plant in South Australia.  The 28 installed weirs make up the longest series of Gabion weir structures constructed along a creek in South Australia with a total rehabilitation area of 34,000m2.

Newark Road Domestic Creek Rehabilitation


Location: Torrens Park, 

South Australia


An owner of a suburban home contacted Prospect Contractors to install Gabions into a severely eroded creek bed running behind their back garden. They could see the benefit of Gabions in erosion control, as we installed Gabions to the neighbouring property several years earlier.

Dunstone Grove Creek Rehabilitation


Location: Stepney, South Australia

Prospect Contractors installed Gabion walls and Reno Mattresses to Second Creek in the Dunstone Grove-Linde Reserve, to naturalise the creek, enhance habitat and biodiversity and ensure that the reserves are visually and functionally connected. 

Clarendon Domestic Creek Rehabilitation


Location: Clarendon,
South Australia 


During heavy rainfall, an owner of a home in Clarendon was having a problem with water flowing through the backyard of their property. Prospect Contractors were called in to remediate the creek with Gabions and Renos. The owner was very happy with the outcome and to be able to reclaim land that was eroded over the years due to constant flooding.

Smith Creek Gabions


Location: Penfield
South Australia.


Prospect Contractors were first contracted to install Gabions and Renos around the entrance to a stormwater pipe in Smith Creek. Heavy rainfall continued to erode another section, so additional Gabions were installed. The stormwater flows from this pipe into storage ponds which is then transferred through a series of sand filters and onto local businesses. 



Brownhill Creek Remediation


Location: Ashford
South Australia.


Prospect Contractors installed 150m3 of Gabions and laid rock riprap to rehabilitate and stabilise a section of Brownhill Creek. The reconstruction of this section of the creek will alleviate flooding as well as naturalise the creek, improving habitat and biodiversity and will protect properties bordering the creek. The mass blocks have been used as a temporary solution to allow for future upgrades to the creek. The blocks will eventually be removed and a large spillway created on the adjacent vacant block. This will be designed to slow water flow and help stop flooding down stream.

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