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Commercial & Civil Gabion Projects

Prospect Contractors specialise in the installation of Gabions and Reno Mattresses. We have the expertise and equipment to undertake any large scale projects within the commercial and civil industry, locally around Adelaide and anywhere in Australia.
Please phone our Adelaide office for enquiries on (08) 218 3600 or call 0459 184 135 for Northern Territory commercial or civil enquiries.
Royal Adelaide Hospital


Location: Adelaide, 

South Australia


As part of the new hospital building in Adelaide, Prospect Contractors have installed a 52m long Gabion retaining wall in the Aboriginal Garden. In addition to this, we have also installed Gabions to a new detention basin being built to capture stormwater from the new hospital building.

Desalination Plant Creek Rehabilitation


Location: Lonsdale, 

South Australia


Prospect Contractors installed a series of stepped weirs, using Gabions and Reno Mattresses, to rehabilitate a severely eroded creek system at the Desalination Plant in South Australia.  The 28 installed weirs make up the longest series of Gabion weir structures constructed along a creek in South Australia with a total rehabilitation area of 34,000m2.

Ridge Park Detention Dam


Location: Myrtle Bank,

South Australia


Prospect Contractors installed 1500m3 of Gabions either side of a solid concrete wall, as part of a flood detention dam at Glen Osmond Creek in Ridge Park Reserve. The new dam will reduce the risk of flooding to neighbouring houses along the Keswick Creek catchment area.

Lower Molonglo Dam Stabilisation


Location: The Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Center, ACT

Prospect Contractors installed 1352m3 of Terramesh Gabion walls on 1.2m wide concrete footings, with rock anchors for tying into the existing embankments. This will provide safer access within the dam and reduce current maintenance. It will treat 80 to 90 million litres of wastewater and recycle an average of 10 million litres of wastewater a day.

Geofabrics Case Study

ARC Campbelltown


Location: Campbelltown,
South Australia


Prospect Contractors installed 800m3 of Gabions at the new leisure centre at Campbelltown, SA. The Gabion retaining walls curve around the new building and reaches up to 8m in one corner. The Gabions create an impressive backdrop to the new modern architecture as well as provide a functional retaining structure.

Halls Gap Flood Recovery


Location: Halls Gap, Victoria

In January 2011 a major flood swept through the Grampians National Park at Halls Gap, causing damage to a number of roads. Mount Victory Road was closed due to extensive landslides. We have since constructed several Gabion retaining walls to stabilise the mountain side and to reinstate the road. A water inlet and outlet has also been installed, taking any future heavy rainfall safely down away from the road.

 Client Review 

Wayville Train Station Upgrade


Location: Wayville,
South Australia

Prospect Contractors installed several Gabion walls at a local train station complementing the modern style of the new station at the Adelaide Showgrounds.

 Client Review 


Cornerstone College Amphitheatre Wall


Location: Mount Barker,

South Australia


Since installing Gabions at the Drama Centre a few years ago, Prospect Contractors were called back to install a curved Gabion retaining wall to the amphitheatre area in front of the new Middle Years Learning Centre.

Sellicks Beach Weir


Location: Sellicks Beach,
South Australia

Prospect Contractors constructed the Sellicks Beach Weir, the largest weir in South Australia, using Gabions and Reno Mattresses. A beach access ramp and wetlands were also created at this site. Prospect Contractors won a Master Builders Commendation Award for ‘Structural Work’ on the Sellicks Beach project.


Click this link to view a timelapse video of this project

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