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Prospect Contractors have always provided clients with a free, no obligational quote, however, a 3D imaging service can also be provided (cost for this is additional). This involves taking the project plans and digitising them into a 3-dimensional movie or illustration. Clients find this service extremely useful as it shows what the final product will look like and also picks up on potential engineering problems before construction has begun, saving time and money.
The video below shows a compilation of a various projects using Gabion baskets, reno mattresses and sack Gabions. This preview shows the flexibility of Gabions and highlights a number of uses ideally suited to Gabion construction.
To view 3D Imaging of jobs we have done, click this link to see videos our YouTube page.
Bar Beach Cliff Stabilisation 3D


Location: Bar Beach, New South Wales


Prospect Contractors installed a series of Gabion walls at Bar Beach on the New South Wales coast in order to stabilise the cliff running along the beach front.


The video below shows the movie portion of the 3D imaging service provided. The video shows the adjacent cliff face, proposed Gabion retaining walls as well as surrounding paths, stair cases and structures. The video highlights scale, construction detail and provides conceptual imagery that is difficult to convey in conventional 2D engineering documentation.


View 3D Imaging video >>

Desalination Plant 3D


Location: Lonsdale, South Australia


Leed Engineering Pty Ltd, sub-contracted Prospect Contractors, to install a series of stepped weirs, using Gabions and Reno Mattresses, to rehabilitate a severely eroded creek system at the Desalination Plant in South Australia.  The 28 installed weirs make up the longest series of Gabion weir structures constructed along a creek in South Australia with a total rehabilitation area of 34,000m2.


The Master Builders Association commended Prospect Contractors for “their outstanding level of workmanship. They demonstrated expert attention to detail as well as outstanding technical ability. The judges were extremely impressed with their innovation and the level of pride demonstrated in their work.”


View 3D Imaging video >>


Dunstone Grove 3D


Location: Stepney, South Australia


Prospect Contractors installed Gabion walls and Reno Mattresses to Second Creek in the Dunstone Grove - Linde Reserve,  
"to naturalise the creek, enhance habitat and biodiversity and ensure that the reserves are visually and functionally connected." City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters Council master plan for the Dunstone Grove – Linde Reserve.


View 3D Imaging video >>



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